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Alpine and Backcountry Poles


Scott RS-18:

The Scot RS-18 poles have the following features:

  • S-4 18-mm shaft constructed from the strongest commercially available aircraft grade Aluminum-Zinc alloy—twice the industry standard strength
  • Ergonomically designed, lightweight Notch grip with integrated Lite Strap advanced Release System.
  • Ice tip w/3.6 basket
  • Color: Black / White
  • Sizes: 110-cm. (44”), 115-cm. (46”), 120-cm. (48”), 125-cm. (50”), 130-cm. (52”), 135-cm. (54”)

$ 105.00


Scott Decree:

The Scott Decree poles have the following features:

  • S3 Aluminum Alloy shaft
  • Injection molded, soft thermoplastic P-Core grip for increased hand grip
  • FX24 Safety Release Strap
  • Ice tip w/3.6 baxket
  • Color: Titanium / Grey
  • Sizes: 110-cm. (44”), 115-cm. (46”), 120-cm. (48”), 125-cm. (50”)

$ 70.00



Scott Adjustable Downhill/Backcountry Poles:

These Scott adjustable poles have the following features:

  • 2-part high-grade Aluminum alloy shaft —rated to 65,000 PSI
  • 16-14 Shaft Diameter—length adjustment = 46-56” (115-140-cm)
  • 2K two-component grip w/ soft thermoplastic rubber section for comfort and best grip, and adjustable strap.
  • 2 sets of baskets for Piste or Backcountry environs.
  • Size: 44-54”

$ 99.00



G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins:

G 3s premium Alpinist skins have been engineered from tip to tail to be the lightest, fastest gliding, best climbing, and most secure climbing skin available. G3s new tail-clip elevates the leading climbing skin to and even higher level. he over-center camming clip stays positioned on tail strap (no more lost tail clip), reduces tail strap wear, and allows for easier adjustment and tensioning of skin. The Alpinist has the following additional features:

  • Innovative laminated tip connecter with low profile self-aligning stainless steel hands for a secure, lightweight connection
  • Low profile laminated tail strap
  • Proprietary lightweight, fast gliding, high traction, supple synthetic plush
  • Non toxic, solvent free glue—tested at extreme temperatures
  • Rip Strip reduces skin adhesion, making skins easier to pull apart
  • Innovative trim tool makes “shaping” skins quick and easy






85, 115, 130

85, 115, 130



85, 115, 130

*Skin is approximately 10-mm. shorter than ski.

$ 149.95-164.95


G3 Expedition Climbing Skins:

The Expedition skin is G3’s time-tested and proven synthetic climbing skin. The Expedition skin utilizes a tip loop attachment system that comes in three sizes and is sure to fit any ski tip. A laminated tail strap reduces drag, and their new RipStrip ensures the skins remain easy to pull apart. All Expedition skins are made with G3’s specially designed plush for superior glide and traction, and their proprietary dependable non-toxic/solvent free glue formula, and all Expedition skins include G3’s innovative Trim Tool makes tailoring the skins length and shape quick and easy.




205 (Trim to fit with Trim Tool)

60 mm

448 g / 15.8 oz.
205 (Trim to fit with Trim Tool)
70 mm
448 g / 15.8 oz.
205 (Trim to fit with Trim Tool)
80 mm
448 g / 15.8 oz.

205 (Trim to fit with Trim Tool)

90 mm

448 g / 15.8 oz.

$ 99.95-119.95


Free Glide Skin Care:

Daub on hydrophobic treatment to prevent skin glopping in wet conditions. It’s not really free, but it’s really good, especially when used before the skin gets wet.

$ 9.95

Glop Stopper Wax:

Glop Stopper is standard take-along rub-on wax to deal with the three o’clock freeze on Spring tours.


Foot Candy

Superfeet Green:

Virtually everyone will ski better, more comfortably, and with less fatigue when they remove the flimsy stock insoles that came with their boots, and replace them with these guys. The Superfeet Green premium insoles support the feet, and tame the rock-and-roll movements that cause blisters / abrasions, and prevent a skier from effectively edging a ski throughout a turn. And, because the biomechanical support gained with the Superfeet doesn’t force the muscles and tendons to do a job they were never designed to do, a full day of skiing will produce noticeably less muscle fatigue. Between Superfeet insoles, and the correct socks (see below), 80% of Norpine’s boot-fitting “problems” disappear. Instructions for trimming, and installing Superfeet are included. Sizes: B (Women’s 4.5-6), C (women’s 6.5-8), D (Men’s 7.5-9, women’s 8.5-10), E (Men’s 9.5-11), F (Men’s 11.5-14)  

$ 49.95

Wigwam Whisper Pro Ski Socks:

The perfect performance companion for boots equipped with G-fit liners, the ultra-lite ski sock keeps moisture away from your feet, minimizes sock slippage inside the liner, and is the recommended sock to use when heating G-fit liners. Over the calf length is proportional to size. Constructed with 38% Acrylic, 25% Stretch Nylon, 20% Olefin, 17% Lycra Spandex. Color: Black   Sizes: Small=women’s 4-8; Med=Men’s 7-9.5; Large=Men’s 10-12+

$ 16.00

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