Alpine Touring and telemark skis and boots
Alpine Touring Telemark Skiing alpine touring telemark skis boots bindings

Norpine is your San Diego pro shop for Alpine, Alpine Touring, and Nordic Backcountry skiing.

All ski equipment isn’t equally worth owning. We carry only those skis, boots, bindings, and ski accessories that have exceptional value for our customers.

Our Pro staff will guide you through your selection of the proper skis and bindings, and assure a pair of correctly fitted ski boots. A master boot-fitter is in residence, and boot fitting is what we do best—online, or in person.

The backcountry experience is unique and opens the door to a new level of skiing. Whether on Alpine Touring, or Cross-country Touring equipment, Norpine will properly outfit you for a safe and enjoyable "out of bounds" ski trip.

Are you ready to plan what to do when the snow melts? Try the freshwater and saltwater Piscatorial bliss available here:               



  Free shipping for orders totaling $200 or more to addresses within the U.S. “lower 48” states, and orders less than $200 will be charged $12 for shipping within the same area. Shipments to addresses outside said area are billed to the customer at Norpine’s cost.  
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