Telemark Telemark

One of the many appeals of Telemark skiing is that it refines the means to elevate the ends, and it pays real dividends to those who would spend the time to learn “The Dance.”

If you’re an Alpine skier, you already have the tools for Telemark skiing; edging, weighting and un-weighting, and once you feel the power and purity of linking Telemark turns, you’ll not want to go back to a parallel universe. Long time Telemark skiers will marvel at the ease with which modern Telemark equipment will put their skills into play.

Beginning Telemark skiers will find that the appropriate equipment is critical for the rapid advancement of their Telemark skills and that improper equipment will function like an anchor that they must drag through every turn.

 In all cases, Norpine will eliminate the risk of getting inappropriate equipment, and make sure that you don’t have to pay to get what you need more than once.